Golden Rule

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Golden Rule

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Golden Rule

Respect is the name of the game. Give it and you will receive it. Remember, we
are NOT a motorcycle club or riding club, we're a society, better known as a
Social Club.
We do not subscribe to anything but our own stupidity. Individual people may
have individual "associations" with other entities. Those are strictly personal
and have absolutely NOTHING to do with our C.O.B.B. Society. COBBer’s are
friends to all riders, no matter what their affiliation. We remain neutral and
have no affiliations with any other organization. We are the guys that have
overcome our fear, ruffed off our ego's, brushed ourselves off and are still on
two wheels after all these years.
That's all there is to it and what we are all about! Please keep this in mind at
all times. Because of our age, we've been around the block a few times to say
the least. This has given us the experience to know we have nothing to prove and
respect what everyone around us is doing. Riding is what has brought on all of
this wonderful Cobbrodity! So let's keep it that way! It doesn't matter what
walk of life you come from.
We don't have wannabe's, we have gonnabe's!


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