Still trying to figure this site out.

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Still trying to figure this site out.

Post  StNickolas on Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:54 pm

High kids,
I have given a lot of thought about SoCal COBB and if this posting gets through to you folks, I shall flesh said thoughts out and gear up for a bit of a presentation at our next church (Sunday, the 19th). I don't ride to any functions without my rags on, and am constantly interrogated by 1%s and old geezers who want my colors. Since Pappy and guys out in Florida buckled under the pressure of the east-coast scooter-trash elite a while back, here is the line I have, and will continue to use. COBB is a charitable society for the benefit of crash victims and their families (donations, legal and medical assistance and referrals), and no, you can't buy a patch you must be able to verify your experience relating to eating asphalt. I mention the east coast grief, and say we are re-organizing on the west coast where the weather is better and I can handle the heat. I had vowed to myself that if I survived my surgery, I would accomplish this and finding y'alls (thank you Roman) is serendipity indeed.
I have spoken to my local Grandfathers M/C and my ABATE associates and since they're both in the business of public service, they are receptive to collective runs, as in "COBB in Association with the Grandfathers M/C and ABATE of California Present the bla, bla, bla Poker Run to Bumfuck" or some such nonsense. Beaucoup bucks and way too much fun can be made and had in this manner.
If anyone cares to drop by, Sunday I will be attending the Hell's Angels Berdoo Summerbash at Angels' Roadhouse, at 32464 Dunlap Blvd., in Yucaipa. It starts at 11am, it's $20 and I think that includes a burger. It's always a hell of a good time and nobody (not even the cops) is ever mentally impaired enough to start any trouble at this particular run. If you've never been to the Roadhouse (formally The Crossroads) you owe it to yourself. For the time being, until we hash everything out an get some printed material & stuff, I'll continue to use the "re-organization" line and see how many "prospects" I can scoop up. Got 2 last weekend at the helmet protest ride. Wish me luck and I hope to see you at Angels' or on the third Sunday.
Ride long and prosper,


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Re: Still trying to figure this site out.

Post  Joker13 on Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:58 am

Hey Nick, nice first post

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